Alex Vasiliu, Ph.D. – Alex Vasiliu is a music journalist and producer with the Romanian Public Television and with National Radio Trinitas. He also contributes with reviews, interviews and essays to Romanian journals: “Cronica Veche”, “Convorbiri Literare”, “România Literară”, “Scriptor”, “Muzica”.
He is an Associate professor at the “George Enescu” University of Arts in Iași. His academic studies are included in volumes published by the National University of Music in Bucharest.
Alex Vasiliu has authored the monograph “Creația lui Richard Oschanitzky – Trăsături stilistice” (Editura Muzicală, 2013) (“The Works of Richard Oschanitzky – Stylistic features”, Peter Lang Publishing House, 2014), “Jazz în România – Jazz Românesc. Vol. I. Jancy Korossy” (Jazz in Romania – Romanian Jazz. Vol I. Jancy Korossy) (2014), “Confesiuni improvizate” (“Improvised confessions”) (2015).
He is a member of the Composers’ and Musicologists’ Union of Romania.