Alexander Rubel

Alexander Rubel was born in 1969 in Kaiserslautern, Germany. After he attained his baccalaureate degree at Kaiserlatern’s Rittersberg high school, he had studied since the 1990’s History, Germanic Philology, Philosophy and Latin at Konstanz and Liverpool Universities. In 1995, after he attained the Master degree in History and Germanic Philology, he worked as assistant at the Department of Ancient Greek History in Konstanz (1996 – 2001), where he obtained a PhD degree in the field of Ancient Greek History. Since 2001, he had developed different activities, first as an employee of the Goethe Institute and as a director of The German Cultural Centre in Iasi (2001-2003). Starting with 2003, he was DAAD lecturer at Faculty of Letters, being responsible for the scholarships in Germany for Romanian students and scientists.
Beginning with 2009, he has taken again the management of the German Cultural Centre, activity which he is practising with success until nowadays. In his quality of director, he initiated and maintained the dialogue between Germany and Romania, contributing, constantly, through the cultural activities he coordinated, to the promoting of the contemporary German culture in Romania. The plurality of projects which were initiated by Alexander Rubel both in Iasi and regionally, promotes the intercultural change, addressing to a various public: from kids(through theatre acts, courses), students (movie nights, concerts, workshops, competitions) up to academic public (conferences, book presentations, debates, exhibitions). Thus, the German Cultural Centre permanently contributes to the development of the local cultural sphere with ambitious programs which have in the foreground jazz music – “Iasi Jazz Nights” or classic music – “Achtung Klassik” and also with famous artists, performers or conductors both in Germany and internationally.