Mircea Dascaliuc

Mircea Dascaliuc had a promising debut, as an actor. For eight years, he had performed several roles on stages of “Constantin Nottara”, “I. L.Caragiale” from Bucharest and “Vasile Alecsandri” from Iasi theatres. He discovers the Radio, firstly through collaborations with the Radio Theatre and with the Youth and Science Editorial Staff. He has been a broadcaster for a while, and, after only two years, he rose in his career, which developed, step by step, at the same time with the assimilation of the journalism mysteries. The News Room from Radio Romania represented a permanent school of exceptional quality, and the Radio itself became a second home and, unquestionably, a second family.
He was a correspondent and a special envoy of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Service, in Basarabia. Due to the correspondence and work he has put in during that period, on his return, he has received the “Pamfil Şeicaru” National Award for Journalism.
He subsequently held various positions in the structure of the Regional Studios: deputy editor in chief, editor in chief of territorial entities, and director of Radio Craiova. A special period has been the one spent as an editor in chief at Radio Chisinau, division of the Romanian Radio Society, which has been functioning in Basarabia since 2011.
After his transfer from Bucharest to Radio Iasi, he produced several broadcastings, with varied editorial content. In parallel, he contributed to the development of practical skills among the students from the Faculty of Journalism, “Al. Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. As an honorary professor, he has worked at “Apollonia” University, where he held two courses in journalism and helped establishing the radio-school station of the University.
Currently, he holds the position of deputy editor in chief at Radio Romania Iaşi.